UTM Community Engagement Inventory

In support of UTM’s Academic Plan 2017, the Experiential Education Unit in the Office of the Vice-Principal Academic & Dean has created the Community Engagement (CE) Inventory to assist units with tracking and promoting the wide range of CE activities supported by our campus. Faculty and staff can use this database to record information about the CE activities offered by their units during each academic year, and as a confidential repository to track their community partners.

The Office of the Vice-Principal Academic & Dean and Office of the Vice-President & Principal will use the CE Inventory to generate statistical data on UTM’s contribution to the community in various areas, which will help us to inform future strategic planning initiatives. In the coming years, the Experiential Education Unit will mobilize this internal database as a public website to help units promote their CE activities to incoming and current students, as well as our local communities.

If you require access to the CE Inventory, or for all other inquiries, please contact the Experiential Education Unit at experientialeducation.utm@utoronto.ca.